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Dr. Sebi's Electric Cell Food - Herbal Cleanse Diet - What to eat

This is part two of the "Dr. Sebi's Cell Food - Herbal Cleanse" article.

Of course, diet is key and here are some suggestions to assist you in your cleanse and your efforts to change your diet.

First and foremost, avoid using a microwave. It kills important enzymes. When not on a cleanse, I take digestive enzymes, probiotics, Dr. Sebi's Maya and Seamoss daily for maintenance. You can purchase probiotics we recommend at

Stay away from dairy, [1] eggs, soy, [2] and if you are going to eat meat, buy certified organic if possible. Read my article "So, Organic is not really Organic ?!"

Drink a lot of water. Dr. Sebi suggests one gallon a day. I drink as much as I can. It helps if you carry a water bottle. It helps you remember to drink. I personally do not drink Dasani, I have a habit of reading labels for *everything*. A great habit! Dasani is made by Coca-Cola, and it has questionable additives. Pepsi owns Aqua Fina. Anyway, before I get off track, just get in the habit of reading labels.

What I suggest you eat, always certified organic if all possible:

Eliminate white rice or brown rice and cook with Quinoa. You cook it as you would rice and it contains high protein and calcium.

Garbanzo Beans, also known as chick peas are used to make Hummus and is delicious. Grilled Portabella mushrooms help me fill in the void, when you feel like eating meat.

Amaranth is great for baking and is high in Calcium. You can cook it as you would Oatmeal, but it takes too long in my opinion. Stay away from Oats. It is very starchy and can be allergenic.

My family eats avocado on a regular basis. Guacamole is delicious and nutritious! Read my article on "Tips from a new mom Part II (11 months later)".

I love Bell Peppers, which I grill with Chayote, Portabella mushrooms, Okra, Yellow onions, (avoid red ones), Mexican squash (Calabasita), and Zucchini.

Cut up finely the following and make a raw salad. It is delicious with Quinoa:



Mustard Greens

Cherry tomato (no other)


Season it with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt (no other) and perhaps cayenne pepper.

If you like Cilantro (assists with heavy metal cleanse, chelation), that is delicious as well and basil leaves are very good and helps in production of milk in lactating mothers.

Other seasonings:

Bay Leaf










As far as fruits, make sure they are seeded and NEVER seedless:

Chiquita Bananas - smallest size

Berries but no cranberries





Concord Grapes or seeded grapes in general






Monukka Raisins or seeded organic raisins

Soft Jelly Coconut

To sweeten your teas use:

100% Grade B Maple syrup

Date sugar

100% Agave Nectar
- What I use. It has low glycemic index and great for individuals cleansing to eliminate Diabetes.

Herbal Teas:





Lemon Grass


Nuts: Raw Almonds and Almond butter

I love home made almond milk. It is great for smoothies.

Although I do not agree with some of Dr. Sebi's spiritual and philosophical views, I do not deny his knowledge of herbs.

I would not deviate from this diet and you will see tremendous change in your vitality and clarity of mind. This is an excellent diet if you are looking to recover from Yeast Infections due to Candida Albicans, except that I do not suggest eating nuts or beans at all, and do take the probiotics available at DaughterNature. I had systemic yeast infections for 18 years and these probiotics worked within one week!

Thank you for sharing this with family and friends and for visiting our Family Forum!

Thanks for letting us know if you have any questions!

DaughterNature - Zeal For Life - Zeal Drink - Nourish and Restore on a cellular level


[1] What you should know about cow's milk

[2] Dangers in High Soy Diet

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