Saturday, February 18, 2012

Did You Know Your Tires Have a Shelf Life?

There was a time I believed companies were selling me safe products. There was a time I would say: "No! They would never deliberately harm a consumer!"

I did not know tires had a shelf life, but what does not surprise me is that reputable companies such as Sears and Goodyear knowingly sell unsafe aged tires and advertise them as "brand new".

A tire which is 6 years old and older starts drying out and becomes dangerous. The threads can come apart and at high speeds can be a deadly situation.

How to identify a tire's age? The last 3 or four numbers at the end of a series of letters and numbers, placed on tires as a requirement by the Department of Transportation, determine the age.

For example: 124 means this tire was manufactured on the 12th week of 1994.
3404 means this tire was manufactured on the 34th week of 2004

Even if a tire has never been used, if older that 6 years, it is not safe!
So next time you are ready to purchase new tires, you can be sure they are indeed new. See link below for a report on this serious issue.

As you can see from this report, they dare to ignore lives and are getting away with it!

Please share this information with everyone you know! This is a little known fact everyone should know about.

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