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Common Sense Is Not That Common Anymore - a Guide To My Daughter

My daughter is 5 now and too young to understand some of the content here, but this will continue to evolve as I add more information and hope to one day turn it into a book for her to cherish after I am gone.

I decided to write this because I have been seeing a deterioration of our values and just some plain simple everyday common sense.

Work place

I once got into an elevator with a young lady going to work at a corporate office where she is in contact with customers on a regular basis. She had on a purple dress and low heal shoes.

Problem: The dress was noticeably wrinkled and the shoes' heels were worn out.

  • Regardless if you are in a corporate setting or not, your appearance is very important when dealing with the public and if nothing else, it says a great deal about your personal grooming.
When going on an interview or while at the work place, always be presentable in a business environment. It is also a good idea to practice good oral hygiene, such as brushing your teeth after eating, so you are not greeting customers with broccoli in your smile, have your nails clean and please make sure your nail polish is not chipping!

  • Customer service these days leaves a lot to be desired. If you deal with customers, common courtesy is expected. It drives me crazy when I call a company and the rep is rude or at a retail store, when the rep fails to greet me when is my turn to check out...
  • If you are on a personal call and a customer approaches you, GET OFF THE PHONE right away. Do not allow yourself to ask a customer to wait while you are on the phone with your friends. If it is a call you must make, either excuse yourself or make it as brief as possible but never in front of a customer!
If you are on the phones dealing with customers, greet them with a smile and please do not speak with your mouth full. If you need to place them on hold, be sure to come back to the phone after a couple of minutes or so, to let them know you appreciate them holding and that you are still looking into whatever you are trying to help them with. If you need to call them back, do so in a timely manner and always ask if you caught them at a good time, it shows you respect their time.

When leaving a message start with your name and slowly leave your call back number at the beginning and at the end of the message. Keep it brief and do not discuss the subject in detail. Always wait to speak to the person.

  • When emailing try to avoid all caps and use the proper courteous approach, such as avoiding slang and inappropriately addressing your client when starting your email. Try using: "Greetings Mr./Mrs. so and so"  but not: "Hey so and so". Always end with an appreciation for their business.
  • Allow your customer to speak and express his/her concerns. Do not interrupt.
  • In a presentation shared with a co-worker, never discredit them in front of a client and never interrupt while it is their turn to speak. If something is incorrect or missing, pull them to the side away from your client and discuss it discreetly.
  • Be punctual and put your communication devices on vibrate or mute when in a meeting.
  • If running late, call and let the person waiting for you know when you expect to arrive. Do not leave them wondering...
  • Don't have time to eat? Keep a natural health bar or a [1] natural nutritional drink, such as "Zeal For Life", handy so you can stay alert and well-nourished to perform a job well done!

My mother always taught me when invited to someone's house, never walk in empty handed. Bring something as a gift. It does not have to be anything fancy or expensive. It could be flowers, a loaf of your favorite bread or something you already know that person likes. Be sensitive to them. If you know they have allergies, perhaps flowers might not be a good gift. Bringing something shows appreciation for being invited to their home.

  • Please do not gossip.
  • When shopping, please do not leave your shopping cart in the middle of the aisle...
  • Do not impose your faith/religious views on others. Let your actions speak louder than your words.
Personal Matters

  • Get to know a young man's parents and spend time with him for at least 6 months before you claim him as a boyfriend and NEVER ignore the signs and red flags presented to you. Usually these are the very thing you will not be able to live with.
  • Especially when in public, mind how you speak and how you carry yourself as a lady.
  • If your boyfriend or someone you call a friend wants you to behave in a way that makes you uncomfortable maybe you need to reconsider your association.
  • Always be mindful of the elderly and handicap. Open the door for them,  give up your seat in public transportation and offer to help when you see the need. When driving, be courteous to pedestrians.
  • When you receive a gift, a handwritten thank you card will be greatly appreciated, if not, a "Thank-you" will do! (That goes with the basics: "Please" and "Excuse me")
  • If you borrow money from someone, even if a dime, be sure to pay it back as soon as possible. If you cannot, be sure to let the person know you have not forgotten to pay them back. Your word is your honor.
  • Speak and think positive and empowering words. Your mind is very powerful and your words are very powerful.
  • Please do not drench yourself in perfume...
"Honor your father and mother: that thy days may be long..." Exodus 20:12

This is what I can think of for now, but will add more to this as it comes to me.

Do you have a suggestion? Post it below for consideration and we will make it part of this project!


[1] Zeal Drink - Nourishes on a cellular level

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