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Electric Alkaline Base Foods - Dr. Sebi's Cell Food Diet

Although I do not agree with some of Dr. Sebi's spiritual and philosophical views, I have met him, have followed his work and have used his products for years. His herbal cell food package helped me conceive after trying unsuccessfully for 3 years. He has cured AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes, Lupus, you name it. How come he is not more popular? Well, that is entirely another subject.

Dr. Sebi says that when you have sinusitis, what’s in the nasal passage? Mucous. When you have bronchitis, what’s in the bronchial tubes? Mucous. When you have pneumonia what’s in the lungs? Mucous. When you have Diabetes what is obstructing the pancreas passages?…Mucous again. Everything is mucous, from AIDS to blindness is mucous in the system that needs to be swept out.

According to Dr. Sebi, herbal products on the market today, are different from his products for two reasons: (1) they are not healing any diseases, because (2) they are man made products.

“Herbalists instead of using God’s herbs, they are using man made herbs. That is their biggest mistake and it continues to be their greatest mistake. When God made plants he made them complete, the molecular structure is complete. When man makes plants the molecular structure is incomplete, and there is an acid base,” he said.

Dr. Sebi’s wife, Matune, said the fact that they use natural herbs is what makes them different than most others. “We offer electric food that is natural to us. We are all electric. To live life is electrical...The only electric food is in the forest, “she said.

Dr. Sebi further explained, “All natural plants that God made are electrical. Everything that he made is electrical. The body is electrical, so you need electric food for an electric body, not a dead food.”

Dr. Sebi has utilized this treatment to reverse pathologies. On an average most pathologies take one week to 6 months to reverse, depending on the individual. Everyone's body is different. One must understand that you must follow Dr. Sebi's suggested diet. The diet consist of eliminating all Acid based foods from the body. One must first start with removing dead animals and dairy products from their diet. There are also several vegetables on the market that are hybrids. These vegetables do not supply the body with any nutrients. Some people believe they are eating healthy foods when in fact they are eating man made hybrids. Tofu and Soy. These two products are also HYBRIDS.

Mucous is an allergic reaction from acidic unnatural foods. Have you ever heard you should not drink milk if you have a cold or have asthma? It creates mucus... Milk is acidic. The cow is a Hybrid.

If you are serious about your health and making a chance which will reverse your condition, here is your first step - changing your diet.

I love Bell Peppers, which I grill with Chayote, Portabella mushrooms, Okra, Yellow onions, (avoid red ones), Mexican squash (Calabasita), and Zucchini.

Cut up finely the following and make a raw salad. It is delicious with Quinoa:

Mustard Greens
Cherry tomato (no other)
Season it with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt (no other) and perhaps cayenne pepper.
If you like Cilantro (assists with heavy metal cleanse, chelation), that is delicious as well and basil leaves are very good and helps in production of milk in lactating mothers.

Other seasonings:
Bay Leaf

As far as fruits, make sure they are seeded and NEVER seedless:

Chiquita Bananas - smallest size
Berries but no cranberries
Concord Grapes or seeded grapes in general
Monukka Raisins or seeded organic raisins
Soft Jelly Coconut

To sweeten your teas use:

100% Grade B Maple syrup
Date sugar
100% Agave Nectar - What I use. It has low glycemic index and great for individuals cleansing to eliminate Diabetes. Daughters of Nature carries this products as well.

Herbal Teas:
Lemon Grass

Raw Almonds and Almond butter

Notice no sugar, animal products, processed foods were listed here. Be sure you drink at least one gallon of water a day, I am still working on that... but it is important to assist in flushing toxins out of the body and promoting frequent bowel movements. I would not deviate from this diet and you will see tremendous change in your vitality and clarity of mind.


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